About This Course

About This Course

This course is a little different to many of the other photography courses on the market for a few reasons:

  1. This isn’t just a video course; it actually comes in two parts. A video course and a short book. Be sure to use both of these resources.
  2. The course includes a practice file in DNG format. This allows you to follow the editing instruction using either the book or the video lessons.
  3. The course doesn’t try to teach you everything about the tools we’ll be using. Instead, it focusses on how to use a few aspects of the tools. This is about showing you how to create a great looking image using a few basics.

To follow the entire course, you will need Lightroom and The Nik Collection (Viveza and Color Efex Pro). If you don’t have The Nik Collection, you can still obtain a free (unsupported) version by contacting DxO which now owns the software. Here’s the link to the page you will need.


It is possible that DxO will withdraw this download in the future. If this happens, consider using the 30-day free trial of the software.

The other software editing tool used in the video and book is Photoshop. This is used because of its Smart Filter feature. Don’t worry if you only have Lightroom, The Nik Collection can still be used from Lightroom.

Once you’re ready, let’s get started by downloading the course book and image file.

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