Introduction to Viveza

Section 1 – Introducing Viveza

Viveza was originally developed by a software company called Nik software. Nik was later acquired by Google who then took the decision in March 2016 to release Viveza for free , along with the other software in the Nik Collection.

When you download and install the Nik Collection of tools you are installing some of the best image editing tools available. Each of the tools has a specific purpose, although this might not be obvious at first. The purpose of Viveza is to provide editing of the tones and colours in a photograph.

When we discuss the tones in a photograph we are referring to how light or dark the image appears. The term colour relates to the saturation of the colour as well as its shade or hue. Viveza provides tools to make the tones lighter or darker, increase or reduce the saturation or change the colours in your photographs.

The power of Viveza lies in the way it simplifies editing that could take many hours if attempted in Photoshop. The Control Point technology used to target adjustments on specific areas of an image. It also takes care of blending adjustments with surrounding areas allowing you to achieve professional results.

Although Viveza appears relatively easy to use, its simplicity hides a lot of power. This section of the course will guide you through the installation and describe the various options for launching the software. Please do take time to watch the lectures in this section, even if you are already familiar with Viveza. Several important points relating to configuration will be covered.

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