Interactive Luminosity Masks

Throughout this course I will be using a masking tool to help me quickly create the Luminosity Masks required. This reduces the lesson duration, allowing the course to focus on the two most important points:

1.    Creating a selection to work with (rather than the process of creating a mask manually).

2.    How to use and work with the Luminosity Masks produced to achieve great results.

Many of you taking this course may already have your own Luminosity Masking Tools like Raya Pro, TK Actions and Lumenzia. These are all excellent tools but work quite differently and could increase confusion.

Rather than produce a course that tried to use all these different tools, it will use a single, simple Luminosity Masking tool. The benefit of this tool is its simplicity and focus on the mask produced, as well as being free.

Whilst you don’t need to use the same tool as me to follow the course, you may find it helps initially. You can download the “Interactive Luminosity Masks” panel using this link to Adobe Exchange.

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