Have you wondered about how using Photoshop LUTs?

I must admit the first time I ever heard about this mysterious secret, I was more than a little confused. The people with the knowledge just didn’t want to share it, but they were happy to share the impressive results. I suppose I should have expect that. Not sharing knowledge seems to be the way of the photography world and how some people try to maintain an edge. My personal approach is to share what I know because it improves my work.

Anyway, back to Photoshop LUTs or Color Lookup Tables as they are also called. These allow you to apply something called Color Grading to your photographs. This is a technique used extensively in the film industry to create those interesting cinematic looks. I’m sure you have seen them; night-time scenes with a sinister blue tint or those happy warm summer days that seem to glow orange. This is all done using Color Grading. A technique you can now apply to your own photography to create a beautiful, unique look. You just need to know how to use LUT’s, which is what this video tutorial demonstrates.

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